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The Christian Silos Family
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The Christian Silos Family are from Belgium.  BUT, they were told they originally came from Catalunia, Spain. Since "Spain" seems to be a common factor with all the Silos families I have been in contact with so far, I believe somewhere way back in time, we are related.  Hopefully, we will be able to discover our links as time goes by.

1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation 6th Generation
Grandparents Silos          
  Leopold Silos        
    Pierre Silos      
  Cyrille Silos        
     + Rosalie Leenaerts        
    Gaston Silos
b. 14 Aug 1919 Anderlecht d. 26 Aug 2006 St Pierre, Belgium
      Danielle Silos
  + Philippe Dorzee
        Laurence Dorzee 
   + Pierre Godfroid
             Cyril, Ambre Godfroid
        Fabian Dorzee 
   + Stephanie Saeremans
          Laura, Raphael Dorzee
      Christian Silos
    + Liliane De Roos
        Sandrine Silos
    + Patrick Hulet
          Sharleen Hulet
      Martine Silos
     + Eddy Counaert
  Isidore Silos        
  Andre Silos        
    Emilianne Silos      
    (a sister) Silos      




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