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Enrique Silos Bugarin

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 Enrique Silos Bugarin was born on April 11, 1914 in Bago, Negros Occidental. He married Elena Patacsil, born on July 6, 1920 in Bauang, La Union.

Enrique and Elen had the following children:

     child  Henry Silos Bugarin
     child  Ronnie Silos Bugarin
     child  Eduardo Silos Bugarin

 "Enrique Silos y Bugarin" was the Spanish way of writing out names.  While Enrique was studying for his degree in Mining Engineering in  Boulder,Colorado, USA during the 1930's, all his transcript of records and diplomas at that school referred to him as "Enrique Silos Bugarin" which was the American way of writing out names.  Consequently, the so important "y" between the last names were omitted at that time.

When Enrique went back to the Philippines he declared in court, and officially noted in the Philippine Judicial Courts, that "Enrique S. Bugarin" and "Enrique B. Silos" were one and the same person. Ever since then this branch of the Silos family were known as the "Bugarins".

The Silos-Bugarin origins is Negros, Philippines.  This part of the Silos Clan lived and worked mostly in Bacolod city, Negros Occidental, Philippines where they have their businesses and interests but have also kept in touch with the Silos' of Manila.





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