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Honorio Macato Silos

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Christine Silos and I have tried to figure out how our families could be related, but we need more information.  Can anyone help?  Here is her family tree:

1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

4th Generation

Jorge Silos
       + Fausta Macato
  Honorio Macato Silos
21 Oct 1934 - Dec 1988
       + Norma E. Silos-Stewart
       1 Apr 19xx -



Carolyn J. Medina 11/9/66 (VA)
      + Lloyd Medina
Now living in Hawaii

      April,  Annabelle, Andrew, Medina 
   Cheryll A. Sweeney 10/15/67 (MD)
      + Harold J. Sweeney
Now living in Virginia
     Ryan & Joshua Sweeney
   Christine M. Silos
      10/9/68 (England, GB)
Now Living in Maryland
     Felicia M. Silos-Burriss 4/9/91
Edgar F. Silos 9/27/73 (MD )
Now living in Maryland
Mercedes, Ashely, Zachary







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