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Jose Maria Silos Rodriquez

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The Jose Maria Silos Rodriquez Family come from Guarena (Badajoz) in Extremadura, Spain, a region that borders Portugal and Andalucia.  Jose was quite excited to discover this website and offered his branch of the Silos Family Tree.  His will be the first Spanish link we now have on record.  Hopefully, as we go further back we will be able to bring our links closer.  Jose Maria is a sailor (isn't that another Silos trait of the Urbano branch?), has travelled all over the world for over twenty years!  He now works for the Hydrographic Institute in Cadiz, Spain.  He has also published a book about a Frigate that travelled between Manila and Chile in 1799.
He loves the Spanish history relations with the Philippines and hopes to continue contacts with our families.

1st Generacion 2nd Generacion 3rd Generacion 4th Generacion
Abuelo y Abuela Silos      
Hermenegildo Silos Granados    
         +María de las Nieves Rodríguez Palacios    
  José María Silos Rodriguez  
          + (spouse)  
    José María Silos Freire
José María Silos Granados    
        +Beatríz Rodríguez Palacios    
Francisco Silos Granados    
Rosa Silos Granados    
Joaquín Silos Granados  



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