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Manuel Pili Silos

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 Manuel Pili Silos was born on.... in....

According to Annie Silos Beech and other family sources, Juliana Silos, mother of Manuel died during his birth.  His father, Rafael Pili, gave up the new born child to the Silos grandparents to take care of him.  Since Rosalio Silos one of their sons, was single and had no children, he took Manuel Silos Pili under his care and raised him as his own.  As Manuel grew up he assumed the surname SILOS instead of his fathers' name Pili in deference to the care and love that he got from the Silos Family .


As a young man, Manuel P. Silos was not in good terms with some cousins living in Manila.  So he left Manila for Bacolod, Negros Occidental to find his fortune.  He was told there were riches to be made cultivating sugarcane which was then the

number one export of the Philippines and where a lot of Filipinos made good.


History will show Manuel P. Silos did very well and this is where he made his fortune.  And this is also how the SILOS Family started and grew to be one of the biggest clans in Bacolod.  With seven boys, and all their descendants, it is no wonder the Silos Family in Bacolod is big!

Manuel P. Silos married Mercedes Bugarin y Siocon on.... in....  The Bugarin Family was also a big and well-to-do family.

Manuel and Mercedes had the following children:

     child  Leonardo Silos
     child  Manuel Silos Jr.
     child  Rafael Silos
     child  Arturo Silos
     child  Juan Silos
     child  Enrique Silos

     child  Fidel Silos




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