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Cristina Recto

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Cristina Recto was born on April 6, 1951 in Manila, P.Is..  Cristina is a product of St. Joseph’s and Maryknoll.  She went to high school in San Francisco's Notre Dame De Namur, then college at Notre Dame in Belmont and then Santa Clara University after that.  She’s lived in quite a few states in the United States.  To name a few, Daly City in San Francisco, Texas, Washington DC, Hawaii, and I believe she is now in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.  Cristina is presently a professional musician by trade.  She plays the piano and percussions and is a member of a big band in Bristol, CT.  She plays Symphony Orchestras and is involved in a number of other music-related trades.  She loves to do big band jazz.  It must be that “Silos” in her blood to carry on a tradition in music.

Cristina married John Charles Kendrick in May 21, 1972 in Pacifica, CA.  They divorced in 1974.  No children.  She later met and married Emmett Louis Plimmer on April 30, 1981 in Alexandria, VA.  They moved to Hawaii shortly after that and divorced in 1988.  No children.  It was just recently, Cristina was to discover that Emmett had passed away in Missouri in 1998.

In 1988 Cristina met and married Per Martin Hoglund, a Swede from Osterssund, Sweden.  Cristina and Per had a son;

  child  Kyle Recto Hoglund, born on August 12, 1986 in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

The family moved to Connecticut around 1991.  Cristina and Per called it quits and divorced in Connecticut on March 2000.  She continues to live in Connecticut with her son Kyle.

Cristina is now married to Gregory Thomas Candy of Audobon, New Jersey.



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