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Maria Clara 'Nena' Recto

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Maria Clara “Nena” Silos Recto  was born on (date and place unknown).  She died in Spain.  She married a “Garchitorena” and they had two daughters.  It is believed both daughters died at a very young age.  Nena Recto later married a “Garcia”.  Very little information is known about both Garchitorena and Garcia.

Nena Recto married John Arthur “Jack” Warner (birth, marriage, death dates unknown).  Nena and Jack had the following Children:

  child  Penelope Anne “Penny" Recto Warner, (date and place unknown), presently living in Jerez, Spain.  
           She married and is separated from Count ????? De Salamanca.  They have two sons.
  child  John “Jack” Arthur Warner, Jr., (date and place unknown), presently living in Dallas, Texas



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