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Rafael 'Raffy' Reyes Recto

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Rafael 'Raffy' Recto was born on (date and place unknown).

Raffy Recto married Elvira Arrastia.  Elvira and Raffy had the following children and grandchildren:

  child Rafael Recto
        child  James Recto
        child  Ana Recto
  child  Marissa Recto
child  Five Children....
  child  Claro “Caloy” Recto
  child  Aurora “Pixie” Recto
  child  Ramon Recto

Raffy Recto got married a second time.  He married Carmen Gonzalez.  Carmen and Raffy had the following children and grandchildren:

child  Ricky Recto, married Maria Rosana Tambunting Galang
       child  Raina Recto, presently living in San Francisco, CA.  Raina provided all the family details on this page.
child  Ralph Recto, married Vilma Santos.  Both Ralph and Vilma are famous.  Ralph was a Senator and a Congressman,
     while Vilma was a movie actress turned politician.
        child  Ryan Recto
child  Plinky Recto, Actress & Producer
        child  Armand Dominguez
        child  Henri Pena


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