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The Silos clan has produced generations of men and women in show business. As early in the turn of the century, people have associated the name Silos with entertainment.

Leonardo Silos was a famous composer and bandleader in the early 1900s. His children, Juan, Rosalio and Jose were all composers and bandleaders too. They composed music for the early zarzuelas and the silent movies.

Juan Silos became a conductor of the world famous PC band.

Juan Silos, who died in 1941, composed such lilting tunes as Quejas de Amor, Rendido a Tus Pies and many others.

Jose’s children are known to veteran cinema afictinados: Manuel alias Sano, who aside from his many distinctions, is the first xylophone player of the Philippines; Augusto, cameraman; Luis, director and soundman; Cesar, cameraman; and Octavio director.

Octavio’s son Raul is a noted movie and TV director in his own right.

Juan silos Sr.’s children (Juan Jr. and Joaquin) are composers, musicians and directors. Juan Silos Jr. has composed many popular songs. Many of these became theme songs for various movies such as Waray Waray, Galawgaw, Saydwok Bendor, Darling Ko, Giliw Ko and Peks Man.

Juan Silos Jr.’s children are likewise popular entertainers. Who does not know the famous Silos quartette (Dolores, Remedios, Lourdes and Betty)?

And who is not familiar with the Latin American airs composed by Leopoldo Silos such as El Tragon and Manila Bay Rhumba?  'Polding' is now the musical consultant of Villar Recording company, the country’s biggest recording outfit.

Another son of Juan Silos, Jr. who has made good in the entertainment field, is Guillermo, a violinist. Of the seven children of Juan, only Leonardo, who became a priest, is not connected in showbiz.

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The following additional comments are from Betsy Silos

Luis Silos was also a scriptwriter and also plays the xylophone. Isabel Tapales Silos won the grand first prize in the Tawag Ng Taghalan competition and became a singer. She sang in many movies.

Luis Silos, Jr. was an assistant movie director. Octavio Silos Jr. is also an assistant director.

We had a dance troop. My three other sisters and I, also my brother Kutch joined once in awhile just for the fun of it and the tour. We performed in many TV shows such as An Evening with Pilita, Lunch Break, Yan Eh and many more. That was really fun!

Richie, Robert, Ronnie and Cherry are all good singers. My daughter Heidi just sang with the famous 1950 singers in a 1950’s concert in California last year.