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Rosalio Enriquez Silos

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(1862-1896) -  Rosalio Enriquez Silos is the second son of Leonardo Silos.  He was born on September 4, 1862 and died on December 29, 1896.  He was shot by a Spanish firing squad in Iligan, Mindanao, for being in the Revolution Movement and for being a Mason.  Rosalio married Benita Melgarejo in 1897.  They had several children, but only one daughter Antonia, is known to have reached adulthood.  Antonia married Alejandro Del Prado

Originally a pianist, Rosalio studied solfeggio and piano under Claro Vergara, a piano teacher trained by Maestro Steffani. Eventually, he gave up the piano and studied the flute under his father Leonardo Silos, who also taught him how to play the guitar.  He and his Dad were one of the first known musicians during the Spanish regiment. 

Rosalio Silos became a famous composer and band conductor during the early days of the Rondalla.  Some of the personalities connected with the history of the rondalla in the Philippines besides Leonardo and Rosalio Silos were, Pedro Buencamino; Victorino Carrion; Manuel Antonio Mata; Natalio Mata; Telesforo Sucgang and Nicanor Abelardo and a few others.

.Rosalio was a Free Mason.  He was implicated in the revolutionary movement against the occupying Spanish regime and executed by firing squad on December 29,1896, in Iligan.  Hundreds of Filipino Heroes were executed by the Spaniards during their 300 years of occupation of the Philippines.

Rosalio had an older sister, Juliana SilosJuliana was married to Rafael Pili.  Unfortunately Juliana died during the birth of her son Manuel.  Manuel's father Rafael Pili, gave up the new born child to the Silos grandparents to take care of him.  Rosalio Silos, next in line, took Manuel Silos Pili under his care and raised him as his own.

     child  Manuel Pili Silos





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