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A few years ago my oldest daughter DeAnna "Papoose", asked me to put together a Silos Family Tree because she was very interested in genealogy.  I was truly amazed about how little I knew about my roots, my family, and my relatives.  I actually did not know anyone except for my immediate family!  I made a resolution right there and then, that I was going to find out who and where my relatives were.

It took over 5 years, a lot of research by letters, phone calls, the Internet, email and finally through this website, to come up with the information you are now viewing.  This website would not have been possible without the help and information a lot of you provided.  To all you family members who responded and provided data when I needed it, or asked for it, I thank you very much and will be forever grateful to you.  This website exists today because of the information you provided.  I could not have done it alone.  You can be rest assured that present and future generations of Silos' will appreciate our combined efforts to document our genealogy.

At this writing, I want to specially thank the following family members who contributed enormously to the development of this website:

        child  From the URBANO branch, Elvie Silos-Wirth (California), Elizabeth "Nene" Silos-Kono (Japan), Cristina Recto (Connecticut). Ramon Silos, Nadia Silos Cruz, Hans Recto Kasten, and a host of other family members.

        child  From the ROSALIO branch, Ed and Ron Bugarin Silos, Pamela Mayhew, Jason Silos, Delia Silos and other family members who sent me lots of information and photos.

        child  From the JOSE branch, Betsy Silos-Gealogo, Richie, Robert & Carina Silos (California), Raffy Silos (Philippines), Manuel Silos, and other family members.

        child  From the JUAN branch, Alfonso "Al" Silos (New Jersey), Leopoldo "Paul" Silos Jr. (Illinois) and Miguel "Mig" Silos (Philippines), Nenette Silos Gatchalian, and other family members.

Last but not least, a very special Thank You to Tito Luisito, and Tita Isabel, who are some of our oldest known living ancestors.  They provided the name of Great Grand Pa Silos whose name was unknown to the majority of us till now.  He also came up with the name of a fourth son, Rosalio, who unfortunately died young during the Spanish occupation.  Since Rosalio did not have any known descendants, this website only contains information about the three remaining brothers, Urbano, Juan and Jose Silos.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone listed on this website, for any errors or missing data about themselves, their family or their branch. This is your opportunity to make any corrections or add missing information.  Please do so by email to:  bob_silos@gmail.com

Once again, Thank You everyone!

Bob Silos



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