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The Silos Family Crest
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The SILOS Coat of Arms, or Crest, was given to me by my Sis Elvie many years ago.  She found it in the Archives of Family Names in Madrid.  It is the first official registry record of a Silos in Spain. I am sure there were many more before Don Rodrigo De Silos mentioned here, but, there are no records of them ever registered. 


The ancient site of this name was on the River Ebro near the town of Reinosa (Santander).  A descendant from this ancient site was a Don Rodrigo De Silos. He helped and fought in the struggles of the Seven Infants Of Lara* and died with them near Cordoba.

* (My research of the Legend of the Seven Infants Of Lara around the year 970, turned up numerous published documents from texts preserved in medieval Spanish History chronicles. You will find many of them on the internet today.)

The Shield: A divided shield, the first vertical section has a silver tower built on similar silver rocks, and the second vertical section is gold with an ash tree and two hounds tied to its trunk.

My Notes:

I also heard that the name Silos existed in ancient Greece long before the name came up in Spain.  During a visit to Rhodos, Greece, I came across a Silos family who owned a grocery store.  I later met a lot of the clan!  They were  born and raised in Greece and so were their parents, grandparents and ancestors.  He said the Silos name was an ancient Greek name.  What a surprise!  He added "Silos" could have originated from the Greek words "Psilos" and "Ypsilos" and then later shortened by the Spanish and Portuguese descendants, who knows......




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