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Welcome to the SILOS Family Website


NEW!  I just finished publishing my book titled LIFE IS GOOD.  It is a publication of my Memoirs and an Autobiography.  I am including a digital copy of the book in this family website so you don't have to go out and buy it.  Click on "Life Is Good" on the left.  I hope you have some time to read it.  I assure you, it is a lot of fun. 

Finally, the Silos Family Genealogy project is completed.  After almost 20 years presence on the Internet, we now have a more complete Silos Family website that incorporates all the latest changes and updates you made available to me.  Thanks to all of you who helped make this site possible.  Descendants and future generations of The Silos family will at last have an idea who their roots are.

The format of the Silos website is now more streamlined and easy to navigate through.  The quick method of finding yourself or your family is to 'click' on The Silos Family menu button on the left, then select the Master Chart.  Likewise the following names will take you to your branch of the family chart:  Urbano Silos, Rosalio Silos, Jose Silos or Juan Silos.  Hopefully, you or your branch of the family will be in one of the links.  If not, please, send me your information so I can include you in this genealogy project. 

If you wish to see The Silos Family genealogy in detail, select Leonardo Silos instead, and click on the list of names under him  This will continue linking you to his descendants.

As before, as you browse this site, I would like to ask you to review and recheck as thoroughly as possible the data you are viewing... especially your page and links to your ancestors and descendants.  You will notice there are still too many "date and place unknown" captions on many pages.  Missing information could be intentional.  Please help me get them corrected.  By the same token, if you have any information you want removed, please let me know.  

There are more photos in The Silos Family Photos link.  Ideally, I would like to publish the pictures of as many of our ancestors as possible.  If any of you have old pictures of any of our ancestors, please share it for all to see.  I am sure each of you know this will be a very significant feature for the younger set who have no idea what their ancestors look like.  Likewise, if you don't want your photo published, I will be very glad to exclude it.

Another area that would need to be updated is The Silos Family Address Book.  How many times have you needed someone's address or email and realize you've lost it, or can't easily find it ?  I would like to list your name and your email address on this page.  This will allow all of us to access a central database on the Internet.  Let's face it, your name and lots of information about you is already on the Internet - so how about listing it on the Silos Family website as well?  

Your comments, critique, or other ideas, to improve this website will be very much appreciated.  Thanks for visiting The Silos Family website.  Hope to see you again soon.

Bob Silos
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Note:  a special thanks to Steve at who provided parts of this website template.  

Last Updated on:  October 2016