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I spent countless amounts of hours over the years surfing the Internet in search of information on any subject, topic, reference or links to the name Silos.  This page contains quite a few interesting links that provided me information relevant to the development of this website.  Since I do not personally host any of these links, I can not guarantee their current status or availability.  Let's hope they will always be on the Internet for us to access.  Here we go....

    child   Rondalla Pioneers - This link mentions Great Grand Pa Leonardo Silos, Rosario Silos and Juan Silos, Jr.  My short write up on Great Grand Pa Leonardo was "borrowed" from this article.

Possibly our relatives:
Here is a listing of other Silos Families and information about them. Needless to say, I can not at this point in time link them to our Family tree. At least we are in touch and I hope someday, something might just come out of this contact.

    child  http://www.montinola.org - Kerwin Montinola Ronquillo did an outstanding job of putting together the Montinola Family Website.  There are a lot of Silos' listed in this site and some photos as well.  Meet Arturo Silos, Antonio Sr, Antonio, Jr. Gretchen, Michael, Philip, and Merceditas.  Kevin will try to help put us in touch with them.  Hopefully we will be able to one day, find out how we are related.  There must be a link

    child  Joseph Silos (jmsilos@gmail.com) Family website - I've been working with Joseph Silos who hosts another Silos Family website, (http://www.silosfamily.org) to try and find out how we could be related.  So far, no positive results.  Joseph has done a nice research job of documenting his Silos Family ancestry.  Maybe if we all go back far enough, we will find that common link.  There must be a link.

The Buenavista-Silos Family - Perry Buenavista's family has done an excellent job of building their family tree.  See: Buenavista_Silos.htm.  Our Sylvia Silos married a Jose Buenavista.

    child  Jose Maria Silos Family- Jose Maria's family is from Spain.  He was quite excited to find this website and was wondering as well if we were somehow related.

    child  Honorio Silos Family - Christine Silos and I are still trying to figure out where her branch of the Silos Family comes from.  She has no other information other than what you see on this page.  There must be a link

   child  Christian Silos Family - The Christian Silos family is from Belgium whose descendants came from Catalunia, Spain.  For sure the Silos name is not of Belgian origins.  Again, how could we be related.  

   child  Other Silos Contacts - The following Silos families wrote to make themselves known to us after finding this website.  I will continue to publish all the names of Silos' that write.  Who knows, their information might just turn up more interesting links....
        Cristina Silos - Cristina Rogerson Silos Family
        Avery Jan Silos (silosaveryjanm@yahoo.com) - son of Leopoldo Condes Silos, Jr. and Exaltation Magbanua
        Richard Cruz (rcruz5@gmail.com) - son of Nena Osea Silos from Camarines Sur.
        Carlos Silos - "bakbakan" 
        William Garza (willbikehiker@yahoo.com)- son of  Jose and Elida Silos
        Maureen Silos (maureensilos@sr.net) - (A Silos Family from Suriname) -
        Revelino Silos (A Silos Family from Suriname) -
        Roger Silos snuup@aol.com - (Texas)


Articles and reports from the Internet:
  child  The Bulletin Today - What follows is an article that appeared in the Bulletin Today, a Philippine Daily.  It was dated on April 14, 1978.  This article was reproduced from a news clip, courtesy of Tito Luisito Silos, and emailed to me by his daughter Betsy Silos.

  child  Music in the Philippines - An article written by Corazon Canave-Diquino, musicologist, is a professor at the University of the Philippines College of Music.  She mentions the Juan Silos Rondalla and the Leopoldo Silos Orchestra in page 2. 

  child  Concert At The Park - another mention of Leonardo Silos and Rosalio Silos during the days of the Rondalla.

  child  Philippine First in Cinema - The Three Tramps was the title of the first full-length comedy film made in the Philippines (1927).  It starred Manuel Silos and Augusto Silos

  child  Philippine Film Festival in Austria - Manuel Silos is mentioned in this article about a Philippine film festival held in Austria.

  child  News article about Professor Leonardo Rigo Silos with the Asian Institute of Management is presented on this page.  http://silosfamily.com/Asian Institute of Management

  child  Private Parts, Public Scandal - Way to go cousin Miguel "Mig" Silos... give them hell.  We're all behind you!!  An article from The Nation, posted in the Manila Times.

  child  A future American football star? - here are a few articles about Marc Silos from the Brussels American School in Brussels, Belgium.  The Stars and Stripes (S&S), is the daily newspaper of the U. S. Department of Defense worldwide.  These articles are from the European version:  S&S-08Sept02, S&S-22Sept02, S&S-29Sept02 and 10Oct02.  Look for keyword: Brussels...   

   child  Politics - Senator Ralph Recto and Congressman Rene Silos are mentioned in this website of Congressman Roilo Golez

   child  CD's-I Juan Silos, CD's-II Juan Silos, CD's Leopoldo Silos - lots of websites offer CD's of music composed and played by Juan and Leopoldo Silos.  These are some sites amongst many.

Note:  there are a whole lot more of websites that mention the Silos family name... if any of you discover important and significant sites, please let me know.

My favorite websites:
  child  Search Engines - there are a lot of search engines, web crawlers and information servers on the internet.  They are all good, but my favorite ones, and the ones I use most often are:  Google, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo and Dogpile  

  child  facebook, tweeter





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