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Juan Lorenzo Silos, Jr.

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Juan Lorenzo Silos Jr. was born on 08 February 1898.  He was well known in the movie and music industry.  He grew up in Manila. He learned music from his family and did not have formal music education.  His father was a composer and, at the same time, a musico mayor during the Spanish time.  Silosís paternal grandfather, who taught him how to play the guitar, was also a musician.  His uncle Jose Silos was a former director of the Philippine Constabulary Band.One.  Of the many songs he composed was "Waray Waray".  He passed away on (date and place unknown).  Juan Silos, Jr. passed away on 09 May 1988

Juan Jr. married Marcela Rigo y Acasio on May 19, 1918 in Santa Cruz, Manila.   Marcela Rigo was born on 1902.  She passed away on 08 May 1954 in Manila.  Juan Silos Jr. and Marcela Rigo had the following children:

  child  Leopoldo Silos, Sr.
  child  Dolores 'Loling' Silos
  child  Remedios Silos
  child  Betty Silos
  child  Lourdes Silos
  child  Guillermo Silos 
  child  Leonardo Silos




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